The Products You've Been Wanting

TeleAdapt, the leader in power, charging, and connectivity products for the hospitality industry is making it easier for you to purchase the products you love. Used in hotels around the world, from two to seven stars, the TeleAdapt product line carries solutions guaranteed to make your home feel upgraded. 

Designed to be amenities for hotel guests, our products have become the standard by which the modern traveler chooses their accommodations. From alarm clocks to future-proof power and charging solutions, you can have that same luxury and convenience at your home, office, vacation rental, and more.

These are hospitality/hotel models, with features you may not find in consumer versions of the same product. For the features you fell in love with while staying in a hotel or resort, these are the models you want. 

Created for Consumers

With regular requests to be able to order these great hotel products for personal and small-business use, we have created this website with the end user in mind. Now you can order your favorite products in quantities of 5 or fewer* for use in your home, bed and breakfast, RV, wherever you want them!

*Hotels and businesses may also order through this site for quantities of 5 or fewer only. For larger orders, please visit our main website to request a quote. This ensures that you receive the appropriate discount based on the quantity of your order. Large orders placed on this site may be canceled and a sales manager will contact you to process the order.